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The effects of terpenes

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Many dispensaries will tell you simple distinctions between strains of weed. Generally, you'll have three options; indica, sativa, or hybrid. At Prohibition 37, we break down the why's. Why is a strain considered indica, sativa, or hybrid? What properties determine how the strains are categorized?

We encourage our clients to check out this extensive list on terpenes and their effects.

While we have over 20 strains at Prohibition 37, all of them have their own unique properties and terpenes. It's important as the customer to understand what effects each flower has on your body. If you are looking to really understand marijuana and the beauty of what it can do for you, check out more of our infographics at our storefront locations!

Here are a couple examples of the knowledge you can expect as a customer at Prohibition 37!

See one of our cannabis consultants to help curate a better cannabis experience, today!


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